Where are the hair products made?
Everescents, Clevercurl, Yes Hair, Davroe, Rizvan are all Aussie made and owned. I am to bring Australian only products to Hello Curl.

Are all the products Curly Friendly?
All of the products we supply are curly hair friendly, unless otherwise stated by Trish.

Are all the products safe to use when pregnant and or breastfeeding?
The haircare products Hello Curl retail are safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding but please do talk to your doctor first if you have any

Are your products safe to use on children?
Absolutely! All our hair care products are safe and effective for children of all ages


How do I know which products will suit my hair?
Take a minute to do the Hello Curl quiz! You will find out exactly what your hair needs.

I don’t know how to apply my products?
This is very common. Take the Hello Curl quiz to find out your curl type. There is a heap of video’s for you specific curl type. You can watch and learn from these brilliant videos.

Shampoo, cleanser or co-wash? What’s the difference?
Hello Curl recommends that everyone should shampoo their hair once in a while. If you have extremely dry hair or your curls are type 4, Trish recommends using a co-wash or cleanser. Co-wash and Cleansers have non foaming property so it feels like you are washing with conditioner its quite normal to feel like you haven’t “washed” your hair.

I want to embrace my natural hair but I’m lost where do I start?
Start by learning about your hair! Take the Hello Curl Quiz and Trish will guide you every step of the way. This website is designed to help wavey, curlies, kinky swirlies to embrace and love their hair and Trish will teach you all the in’s and out’s. You’ve got this!

I use lots of different oils in my hair, like coconut oil and argan oil but
my hair still looks frizzy?
Eek, let’s loose the oil, my friend. Some oils actually stop the products from penetrating your hair. Give the oils a miss and follow the Hello Curl Routine and you will be AMAZED how brilliant your hair can be.


How long will it take to get my curls back? I’ve been straightening my hair for years.
If you have permanently straightened your hair, you will need to grow out this straightened hair or cut it off and start fresh. Keratin relaxing can take up to 12 months to fully leave your hair, and sometimes you may need to cut the hair.

Straightening with hot tools such as hairdryers/ irons can hair terrible effects on the hair and CAN take up to 6 months to re-train the hair to curl.

Can I wear my hair curly and have it blowdried straight every now and
Well, yes you can however, doing this will confuse your hair. It can take up to a month to get your curls back to optimum condition, even after 1 blowdry.

SOOO, try and avoid it friends.

Why can’t I just use any products in my hair? Why do you recommend
ones from Hello Curl?
Many hair products have nasties in them that weigh down curls and dry them out. Silicones, alcohols, oils and sulphates are very well hidden in products… They use names we have never heard of. Trish researches the be-jingos out of all her products and only recommends the products she uses in her salon on real humans. She knows they work and curls LOVE THEM!

I have blonde or Grey hair what can I use?
Everescents is amazing for blonde and grey hair. It keeps the hair a beautiful creamy blonde whilst being hello Curl Friendly and super moisturising.

I have a very sensitive scalp, is there anything that I can use?
Sure is! The Everescents range is amazing and caters for sensitive souls. Jessicurl also has spiralitious in fragrance-free.

I hate using hair product in my hair, my hair feels yuck when I do, But I hate frizzy curls, what can I do?
I’m a bearer of bad news. To tame your fuzz, some products will need to be used. However, take a minute to check out our eduction videos, you may find that your product application and how you finish your hair will make all the difference.


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